MFG Mandate Support

Restore and Maintain 340B Pricing at Your Pharmacies

Manufacturers have complicated the 340B Program

No matter how you approach the MFG mandates, a great partner can ensure you achieve your goals, ease frustration and save you time. Our MFG and ESP support services go beyond securely and automatically submitting claims for all of your TPA’s. Our platform is able to show an overview of individual claims, pricing, and status metrics as well as consolidate optics from across stakeholder platforms. We connect all stakeholders when our system flags a change in status. The result is a savings in time and frustration as well 340B price stabilization. Avoid the blame game, and conquer the challenge by partnering with us!

The Blame Game


340B ESP

Manufacturer didn't inform wholesaler or entity designated too early on the platform



Wholesaler ignored EDI alert to allow pricing or ESP platform didn't deploy update in time



MFG didn't alert them of pricing eligibility or TPA didn't update the price file


340B TPA

Entity inaccurately or did not communicate selections or updated price from wholesaler was not received.

Service Advantages and Benefits

  • Quickly and efficiently identify stakeholder disconnects
  • Have been supporting entities with mandates from the very beginning
  • Provide service beyond submission
  • Reclaim time and ease frustration
  • We automatically, directly, and securely submit claims for all of your 340B TPA’s
  • Proprietary platform shows real-time overview of claim, pricing, and status metrics
  • Platform consolidates optics from across stakeholder platforms
  • Simple and exportable reporting capabilities
  • Efficiently and effectively resolve pricing issues

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