Advanced Claims Capture

Compliantly move beyond referrals, increase savings, and improve patient care

The 340B program can seem complex.

Understanding program guidance, maintaining compliance and coordinating patient care while ensuring you are optimizing participation can seem overwhelming

We can simplify the program and improve coordination of care for you while providing an immediate cost savings and increase your 340B savings.

Our Process


Zero cost independent audit performed

Comprehensive audit allows full understanding of program and is an instant cost savings; or keep your current auditor if you like


P&P revision resulting in clear concise language and processes

We review your P&P's and compliance plan, then provide you guidance


We link up with your TPA to view your claims file

Once we identify documentation deficiencies, if any, we ensure they are addressed through our coordination of care process


We automate the referral process and return of consult notes

Our care coordination process improves patient care, operational efficiency, and your 340B program, while increasing compliant claims capture


We work with your TPA to capture new claims

Additional new savings can exceed 30% of annual savings

Advantages and Benefits

  • 100% compliant
  • No cost independent audit
  • Increase annual savings by up to 30%
  • 2 hr implementation
  • No new software or integration needed
  • Improve patient care while eliminating documentation deficiencies
  • Service performed remotely or on-site if desired
  • Service is non-disruptive and aligns with your P and Ps as well as your processes
  • Operational knowledge of different entities, EHR platforms, contract pharmacies, and 340B TPA’s

We can help

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